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4 Tips to keep your Sanity as a Corporate Mami

Every year for the last 6 Years Hispanic Heritage Month has been a crazy busy time for me. I am a Corporate Mami, and I am usually planning events and finalizing details around this time.

So to keep with that theme… here are

4 Tips to keep your Sanity as a Corporate Mami!

1) Remember you are your own brand and Marketing tool 

What you say, how you look and present yourself is all a representation of you.

  • Best Working Mami. Be the best you… as much as that can be. Because sleepless nights and cafecito are everything right now. Un buenos días may go a long way…! Sometimes I don’t look as put together, but I try in other ways to contribute and be visible, asking questions and being honest.
  • Buenos Dias Mami. Ya sabes que un Buenos Días goes a long way! In a corporate world the tendency to put you in a catagory and let your numbers represent you is typical. As a new Mami, you will either try so hard to fit back in or just barely try to keep your head above the water. Just do what you can do today, and in the best way.

2) Network

Mira como Latina you would think that comes natural… pero no para mi! Let me tell you que esto me cuesta. However, every role I’ve taken in the last few years has been through a connection I’ve made.
  • Mami Friends.  I’m not saying that as new breastfeeding Mami you need to make every Latino Networking event. Pero… talk to the other women on your team or even men. I’m sure they remember what it was like and now you have something in common!
  • Boobie Mami. Don’t neglect those connections you make with other moms going through the same experiences. I have a new mommy friend, that I made since we share the “Pump Room”, and she just so happens to be a HR recruiter in my field!

3) Toot your horn!

Otro que me cuesta. As a Latina even when I give executive presentations I love talking about how my team this and that.
  • Talk about it Mami. I am working on talking about my own solo contributions, however even if I boast about my team, later I go back, I write it down and during my one on one with managers I will share specifically what I do.
  • Your are  a pretty amazing Mami. We are there queens of doing it all so… If you translate for a co-worker or give your two cents about a project, write it down, and add that to your list of accomplishments. You’ll be surprised those little things will add up at the end of the year.

 4) Have honest conversations.

I say this as a vain and shallow request. Please share your mom experiences with managers.
  • Pumping Mami. If you have no where to pump, please talk about it.  I had no where to pump with my 1st son. I wrote to our corporate health team and let my managers know, by the time # 2 was on the way they, built a room just for us.
  • Sleepy Mami. I try to get to work early, but when I’m barely getting a night rest, its a challenge. If you can ask to work from home a few days a week, or ask for a flexible schedule. That may mean you can just come in 1 hour later, trust me, it makes a huge difference
  • Honest Mami. I say this because some men have no idea what it’s like, and some women just forget.  During my recent conversation with my manager, I let him know how many times a day and how long I was pumping, and while I would love to take on new projects, I didn’t want to promise something I could not deliver. He was grateful for my honesty, but this may be the best case scenario conversation. Either way make sure you are being heard.
For my new Mamis going back to work soon. Yes the struggle is real, but it gets better I promise! Take it one day at time, and don’t be your hardest critic 😉 Your doing an amazing job!
Love you Mamas!

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