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The Mami Guilt…

So, it was just one of those crazy mornings where I have to find a balance between getting enough hugs and kisses from my babies, and getting to work on time. When my 2 year who at this point doesn’t really want to talk, decides that today is, THE day, and as I’m trying to squeeze him into my car, I accidentally bump his head and he says “Ouwwie Mami, ouchie! Say sorry Mami.”, shocked, I proceed to apologize profusely, “I’m so sorry baby, are you ok?”, and he looks at me, as if he could just reach into my soul and says, “Okay! It’s ok Mami! Sana Sana.” So I sing a good ole Sana Sana, potito de rana, si no se sana hoy, se sana mañana. Not exactly witch craft but this phrase uttered for generations, will cure just about any ouchie known to mankind. You have no idea!

And their goes the working mom guilt. I mean, I was ready to surrender, quit my job and join the legions of stay at home moms. Then reality sets in as I dropped my kids off. Not that I haven’t played with out every budget option at least a hundred times, to see if just maybe it would work.

Off I go trying to find articles and working mommy bloggers to can attest that everything is going to be ok. Because the last thing I want to do today (no offense)… Is Lean in. What I want to do is, stare at photos of my babies, plug my breast pump in, and cry…

Eventually, I come around and remind myself that its not that bad and the coffee here is free. Also, I try think about the precedent I’m setting for other mama’s, especially my breastfeeding mama’s. With baby number two and they’ve decided to build a mothers room, like to think my email about pumping in the restroom had something to do with that.

My daughter will benefit from seeing mommy work and my son will be more likely to contribute to household chores.

And I make the best of our moments together rather than days, because some days I have to work late and other days I can come home early.

We have morning rituals and songs we sing in the car and sometime I can get up early enough to make my 2 year old his favorite Bolivian snack/ pam pam/ cuñapes.

There are quite a few benefits, and I’m not the 1st and last mama to has to work. But it is challenging, and it gets better and it gets easier. I promise.

Good Luck Mamas! Everyone’s gonna be ok!


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