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5 Hairstyles for Baby Under 1

5 Hairstyles for Baby Under 1

If your like me I could not wait until my daughter’s hair was just long enough to style! . She was sporting a Chris Jenner hairdo for quite a few months, but we’re ready for some fun! So here goes 5 hairstyles for baby under 1!

1. Side Swept

This one was our first and easiest. Just sweep to the side and clip with a soft hair clip. I found these on amazon, the clip is fully lined so no sharp edges to hurt baby. My baby did not care for headbands, but I managed to keep these on here for a few months before she discovered she could pull them off.

2. Top Pony

This basically our top, every day go to! Especially when she decided that she wanted to eat her hair bows and she didn’t have enough hair to do anything else.

3. Whale Tail

Variation – tucked pony inside and added bow

This is what I’ve been doing lately since hair has grow out a bit, more is more like a side top pony… but our NP called it a whale’s tail and I really like that!

4. Top Side Braid

So, if you baby is anything like mine her hair behind her head is a little dry and not as thick, so I focus on getting the hair away from her eyes more that anything. This one take a little more time and patience from mommy and baby, but its super cute. I found these barrettes at Target, you can get the elastics from there and amazon as well.

5. Pig Tails

Traditional Pig Tails
Pig Tail Top Knots
One side thicker than the other

These are my favorite to do, but she hates getting her hair combed so we don’t do it often. I do a variation, one side thicker than the other, or throw a braid in. As I said before mainly to keep her hair away from her eyes.

(These photos are from our California trip, where she let me try out all kinds of fun do’s?

Hope you like these ideas. Please leave a comment and add your ideas for us.

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