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5 Tips for Teaching Baby Spanish 

Trying to keep Ecuadorian Cool at our Festival Latino

5 Tips for Teaching Baby Spanish


So a little bit about me I was born in California, raised bilingual, by my mother and father, who are from Bolivia. My husband was born in New York, and also raised bilingual, by his mother and father that are from Ecuador. Together we have 2 beautiful EcuaBolivian babies!
Here are some tips that are working for us, hoping these will help ease the stress of teaching your baby Spanish! (or an other language) 😉

1) Spanish Hour

So for me this really helps because, it makes me concentrate on only speaking Spanish. I usually make this the hour when I come home from work. What ever I do I try to go back to speaking Spanish, both my husband and I are 2nd generation, so English comes so naturally to us, that we forget we can speak in Spanish.

Also, think about how in college, usually you had, a class once a day for an hour or two right?

2) Sing and Dance

I just recently included this to our activities, since my son loves all nursery rhymes.  Also, I added a few extras to my personal repertoire. Our top 2 are Pin Pon and Pío Pío Pío. As with most of the songs that we are learning, I usually stop mid song, or every other word, to get him to participate, even if he’s not singing along, I pretend he is and we keep singing. He picked up both songs within a 10 days, its pretty amazing how fast they learn! For my next trick were going to learn the “La Cucaracha” song, this one is going to be a good one to be silly and dance to.

4) Books

So admittedly I don’t have a huge library of books in Spanish. Our favorite one, and how we learned to count, is the Lil Libros Frida Counting Book. My son surprised me the other day counting in Spanish by himself… I about did a somersault!

Second Tip, I stole this from my Mom, I write the translation of books right on the pages, and boom, bilingual book!

5) Bilingual Play

I just stubbled upon some bilingual toys at our local Once Upon a Child, I’m a frugal mom so this is my spot. But this article from also a few very cool suggestions to try. I stole this one from @dianavphotos, if your kids watch TV you can change the settings so their favorite cartoons are in Spanish!
Progress is perfection so don’t worry if their not chatting away like little telenovela stars quite yet! Or if they are mixing words … my son likes to say Moona (Luna and Moon), I used to love to say “carne” instead of meat! I thought it was fun and funny.
Over all, just have fun with it and they will too! What things have you done with your kids to teach them another language? Leave your suggestions in the comments.
Un abrazo,
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