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World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding Awareness Week begins August 1st. It has been an emotional struggle to pump at work or stay home, and it’s my daily reminder that I have this tiny human, that I can’t be with right now. …Y la verdad es que me rompe el corazon si me pongo a pensarlo mucho.

Let’s get into having to Breastfeed in public. It can be liberating to go with out covering and it can also be very scary. What if something flops out, what if someone is staring? Usually its neither but, you just never know!

What about how long I want to feed my baby?I start by saying that I am blessed to have an amazing family where we talk about these things (maybe whether they like it or not), share experiences and respect each other’s opinions. Because being a mom isn’t easy and everyone does it differently. I have to say that with out them, I don’t think I could have made it this far. When I was ready to give in the towel, they were there for me, to tell that my sanity came first. To say hijita you gave it your all, and to remind me that I had a goal, and I was oh so close.

Y asi I made it, or casi didn’t make it, to 13 months with my son Luca and, we are 8 months in the works my daughter Valentina. I’ve gone threw almost everything, from mastitis, milk belbs, tongue tie, cluster feeding, thinking I didn’t have enough milk, having too much milk, not being able to pump, to pumping in a bathroom. Y todo todo todo makes me a better mom!

El Internet. The wonderful lactation consultants and breastfeeding support meetings at St Ann’s were a great resource. However, ooh the internet has been so amazing! Mom Facebook groups, youtube, kellymom.com, Shari Criso, Mommycon! If you want to breastfeed its all there for you! And if you don’t we’re here too!

I will be sharing my breastfeeding journey, via Instagram @thismamilife



*Breastfeeding Awareness Month is Celebrated during the Month of August