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Breastfeeding in the Disneyland and Universal Parks

So breastfeeding in public is such a hot topic. Tanto que uno se pone nerviosa, de lo que debería algo super normal! Pero les cuento que me fue bien.

On vacation , I felt challenged to do what I’ve been saying we all have the right to do…. breastfeed in public. Not only that, but with out having to cover up. We’re on vacation in California with my kids, 13, 2 and 7 months. My 7 month old still breastfeeds, where normally I find breastfeeding way more convenient than making bottles (that’s just me though…) being at an amusement park reminds me it’s rough in these streets. With that said, I admit I’m no where near as brave other moms who can go with out their hooter hiders. Props and high five to the mom breastfeeding while walking out of the Disney castle! Your my hero!!! 

Disneyland was good, they have a baby center and private area to nurse. Fundamentally, I just want a area to nurse that has the three C’s, Cool, Clean, and Comfy. I used the baby center twice and before leaving the park I found a bench area in Towntoon. I rolled monster double stroller in front of me and we gave it a swing. My recent issue is my 7 month old has to know what her brother is doing all the times, so if their together she will pop off the breast multiple times to figure out where he is, even if she’s practically starving. So, I’m left with my boob in the air while she spots him and goes back to nursing.

California Adventure was a similar story. I tried nursing in the mother’s room, but it was full, so nursed in the high chair area. The once outside and just before leaving I was able to snag a spot in the mothers room. I was just so hot and my daughter hates being covered and dislike sweating in the sun, that I tried to use that room as much as I could.


Universal Studios Hollywood was 100% challenging for this breastfeeding mom. I was told in guest services that I was allowed to breastfeed anywhere in the park and that the Animal actors area would make a “space” if need be. Yikes!! Wait what!? I really do have to nurse in public and in 90 degree weather!? I wasn’t expecting this and can’t believe anyone hasn’t banked on the marketing aspects of creating mothers rooms in amusement parks or stores!?
First stop was guest services bench, it was crowded and hot. My second attempt was on the studio tram tour, breezy yet bumpy. Last but not least which I think if done right could have been an amazing place to have a mothers room… was Hogsmead (the Harry Potter area) I found bench created my “fort” and and nursed before leaving the park. It was hot and sweaty to say the least.

So listen it all worked out! Baby nursed I was relieve and all is well. Yes it could be better, but it wasn’t at all as scary as I thought it would be.

And to those pumping mom, lugging baby and pump around the parks! YOU ARE MY HEROS! All the moms are… actually. We are pretty amazing humans!


Love you all!





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