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Enjoying Salteñas Bolivianas


Aqui queria compartir un poco de cultura con ustedes! Living in Ohio it can be challenging to keep cultural traditions alive. But some how my husband and I manage to share food and customs with each other, and I have found a community of Bolivians here in Columbus. A few times a year the Señora Yolanda makes amazing Salteñas!!! These are by far my favorite Bolivian treat.

Tengo muchos lindos recuerdos compartiendo y comiendo salteñas with my friends and family. So many funny antidotes that I will cherish. Baaack in the day when I was part of a Bolivian Dance Group, we had “Salteña Run”‘s that we did as fundraisers, it was tons of fun!

Hope to grow and connect my little Bolivian community. Perhaps more updates here in 2018!

Alas Salteña don’t last long in my house!

So before they disappeared I had the opportunity to share some traditions with a good friend and blogger Champagne from Single Gal’s Guide. I hope I’ve converted her into a Salteña Lover!


Un abrazo,




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