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Sharing Breastfeeding Moments this Week

You know what?! In creating this space and just being open about breastfeeding… So many women and even men, have taken the opportunity to talk to me about their stories. What they did, how long, how challenging and how rewarding. Or even just to say I tried and I couldn’t do it, or I remember those days. AND my exclusively pumping mamas, they understand the struggle, and they are my heroes!

Some people I didn’t even know had kids, that never ever even spoken to me before, will talk to me about their breastfeeding experience. Abuelitas and strangers.

I love it.

This is what normalizes breastfeeding. I love getting questions in the break room. When people want to know what I’m steaming in the microwave… and I usually have something witty to say, but it breaks the ice and creates a space for conversation.

So beautiful!

Its Sunday we were up entirely too early for this Mami, but I breastfed and typed this up. So, now my arm is burning! Yet, so proud of us, we are 9 months strong!

My goal is to share daily breastfeeding moments as Breastfeeding Awareness month comes to an end.

By the way check out my new header image! Photo credit to another amazing Latina Mommy Living on Cafe, Diana from www.dianavphotos.com  you can also find her on Instagram @dianavphotos and Facebook too.




2 thoughts on “Sharing Breastfeeding Moments this Week

  1. I admire you girl! And you are blessed by being able to produce all that leche, I had a hard time producing it and took some vitamins to be able to produce more, I never had enough to pump and save for later and well I worked part time only so by the time I got home my chichas where DDD lol, it’s not easy to have a job, take care of kids, house and husband, and still find time to pump! Your kids will be thankful for all the hard work and love you give them! Love you 😘

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