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Tips for traveling with infant and toddler

I can’t wait to be on vacation but packing and planning ahead can be challenging! And I’m all about being a minimalist while traveling because I don’t want to lug it all around. Here are some tips that worked for me!

Umbrella Stroller

Just recently my toddler has to begun walking next to me with out running away, but he still has his moments. So since I was traveling alone I did some research and mom’s everywhere were raving about umbrella strollers. Since I already own 2 strollers! …We took a visit to our local Once Upon a Child and found a gentle used Maclaren to try out. I’m a total fan, if we had it my way I would recommend a pockit for travel, but our little gem will do just nicely. The umbrella folds neatly and it’s super lightweight, 100% my new favorite!

Baby carrier

Ok yes, I just said stroller but who wants to lug a double around the airport. Put the toddler in the stroller, baby in a carrier, your now hands free, meanwhile baby is safe and may even nap! Just remember that you can’t wear baby while taking off or landing. I love a structured carrier like a Tula, but my second favorite is my Moby or a ring sling.

Backpack Diaper Bag

You can definitely travel with your regular diaper bag, but having a backpack is just so handy! There are tons of options for every pocket book. I love my Jujube with its insulated side pockets. My toddler loves warm milk and will do anything for it, so I tuck my secret weapon away and we’re good to go! Plus if I was to go sans stroller, I can still chase after my toddler with out running around with my diaper bag flailing in the air.

Zip Lock Bags


These little plastic wonders are so handy! I pack the extra outfits in little bags, snack for the road, crayons etc!


Bring babies their snacks and milk because usually it’s hard to find what you need in the airport. Unlike when TSA makes you dump out your water… you can bring whatever you need (for the babies) with you to the airport. Just be aware that the outside of at least one of your items will likely be swabbed and you’ll want to put them a separate bin and let the TSA officer know that its going through the scanner. 

Favorite Toys 

Let them bring their favorite toys, in our case,  I only allow my son the iPad when we travel and it’s been a lifesaver (Hello… 3 hour delay in Oakland… thank you Apple for my sanity!) he can play games and apps, plus add on some headphones and I’m in business.  However, when he gets bored with the iPad and I can still entertain him with a car or coloring book!

Managing Cabin Pressure 

Nursing your baby or bottle feeding during ascent will help with this. Sippy cup and some fruit snacks for my toddler this time and we’ll be in the clear. This article has some additional tips for easing ear pain (Flying and your children’s ears)!

What to wear

This one is important too, make sure you and the kids are comfortable. Remember you may have to change diapers during your layover, so keep the outfits simple.

Do some research

  • Play areas: Depending on your destination some airports have playgrounds and place to let those toddlers stretch those little legs.
  • Breastfeeding/ Pumping Areas: Some airports have Mothers rooms where you can pump or breastfeed. This pod (see below) was prefect for keeping my toddler contained while nursing my infant.  I found an amazing new app called Pumpspotting it’s a digital inventory and reviews of places to nurse and pump! I heart it! Also don’t forget the magic of google to find out what amenities your airport holds.


Now I need to get some rest! Because tomorrow packeth we shall!

Good Luck mama on the go! You’ll be just fine! Did I miss anything? Please leave your comments below.








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